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Life is about the overlap, the excess, don't trim the edges, leave the fat. 

Daily life is a strange image rich mashup, constantly bombarding us with various forms of media, advertisements and an explosion of self promotion outlets. My art is not a critique of the negative aspects this has on our culture but rather the contrary, I seek to explore utilize and appropriate these data rich environments as raw material to celebrate & create an art that has tension yet familiarity as it speaks through arguably, the true language of our time, collage.



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African American artist  Takako Konishi (pseudonym,1969) constructs collages that pay homage yet breaks with the traditional collage aesthetic. He describes his process as painting with images. Utilizing traditional methods along with digital technology, he cuts, pastes, blends and mixes imagery, creating multi layered mashups that burst with sexuality, anger, beauty and obsession. “Imagery makes the best paint, it comes dripping with color and connotations.”

Takako’s collage making process, simulates the environments many of us experience daily.  We constantly go back and forth between our real environment and our perceived environment as filtered through our devices. His art strives to reside somewhere in between this tension of the simulated and the real. Often starting in the digital environment, he’ll make physical prints, collage them, photograph them and convert them back to digital. This back and forth process usually happens multiple times on any given piece, eventually blurring and adding a layered depth to the two dimensional work.

There are a few themes that have become apparent in his work. He has developed a fascination for the myriad of subcultures we all simultaneously exist in, each one playing a role in shaping our identity. His art tries to reflect and exaggerate this phenomena, playfully giving form to these invisible selves.